Featured in these galleries are many fine art photographs from the Tampa Bay area, along with images from our travels around the United
States. Much of my photography encompasses an interest in architecture, form, and the subtleties of light and shadow; often striving to combine
the drama of the photographs with a contemporary vision of the commonplace. My passion for nature has helped define my photographic eye.
Utilizing various filters in post I achieve various effects including color management, background elements and lighting adding a richness and
narrative depth to my primarily abstract form.

The idea is to create unique images that allow viewers to see the world in new ways while never abandoning technical precision.
On a journey of over many years, I continue and attempt to push the boundaries of composition and new technology. To those early mentors,
and those who have influenced our work, I expresses our deepest gratitude.

Warmest regards,
Steven M Brotman
Cydonia Studios Photography  ©  2011 All Rights Reserved.  Unauthorized reproduction prohibited by law.
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Copyright © 2011 Cydonia Studios Photography
All Rights Reserved. Unauthorized reproduction prohibited by law.
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